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Work for Us

Work for Us

We are a small but expanding sports and leisure facility provider based in London. We are an equal opportunity employer, we aim to nurture and invest in all of our employees. When you come to work for or with us, you are not just employee but see yourself as a "business partner" not literally speaking but as we grow/ expand, so will you and so will your revenue.

We aim to provide a safe, clean, respectful working environment for all employees, guests, members and everyone.

If you do not see an advert for a particular skill that you may possess then please still do contact us and send in a copy of your CV. You may have a skill or talent that we are not aware of that could prove very popular and we would like to hear from you.

Job Positions

  • FITNESS INSTRUCTORFitness instructorApply
  • PERSONAL TRAINERFemale personal trainer, fully qualified, motivated and energetic.Apply