Sunnah Sports

About Us

About Us

Sunnah Sports is a London based fitness company who are here to increase the number of people doing sport activities – in a non mixed gender environment.

Our vision is that everyone, regardless of age, background or ability, feels able to take part in sporting activities – we’re helping to build an active nation that caters for everyone. 

We will contribute to the government's strategy by working to:

  • Increasing the number of people taking part in sports and activity and decrease the number of people who are physically inactive
  • Increase the proportion of young people who have a positive attitude to sport and being active
  • Make sure public facilities are used fully and effectively to get maximum use from communities
  • Increase the number of people who are physically literate – i.e. confident and competent in sport and activity
  • Increase the number of adults using the great outdoors for exercise and wellbeing 

We will achieve this by concentrating on five key outcomes:

  • Physical wellbeing 
  • Mental wellbeing 
  • Individual development 
  • Social and community development 
  • Economic development 

Our dedicated fitness trainers and instructors have a wealth of knowledge within the fitness industry and offer a bespoke service that is both friendly and professional.


  • To promote healthy lifestyles 
  • To ensure you achieve your fitness and mental wellbeing goals
  • To increase harmony within the local community through community cohesion
  • To support, advise and monitor members performances
  • To bring awareness of the Sunnah Sports and the benefits of carrying these out
  • Tackling Inactivity - to help the 28 per cent of people in England who don't do any sport or physical activity
  • Work with children and young people - to work with children from the age of 5 to increase childrens basic competence and enjoyment of sporting activities. 
  • Local delivery - exploring news ways of working locally by building relationships with existing leisure centres/high street gyms to form partnerships with Sunnah Sports to make these venues more accessible 
  • Creating welcoming sports facilities/gym environments where no one feels excluding regardless of sex, age, ability, race or religion